Top six yoga postures to fight with coronavirus

Top six yoga postures to fight with coronavirus


In the absence of a vaccine in this pandemic, the only thing you can defend against the novel coronavirus is your immune system. At this time, everyone is searching for ways to increase or maintain their immunity level. To build up your immunity level, you should try some yoga postures for coronavirus by following the instructors of yoga classes. However, you can try these asanas at your home through online classes or by watching online videos. This is the only way to build your immune system to stay healthy and fit.

Why yoga asanas?

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Yoga postures are the only solution that keeps your body, mind, and soul fit and healthy. It is used over the centuries to improve your productivity and eliminate harmful toxins in your body. In addition, yoga can recharge your body by reducing stress. It helps you to manage your body defense system. Almost more than half the world population use to do regular yoga postures for Corona Virus for their better health and improve their immunity level. Nowadays, everyone is extra careful or aware of their health for Covid19, and that’s why they are searching for a yoga classes to cope with the pandemic with Yoga classes.

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 How yoga helps you to boost up your immunity level?

Yoga postures for covid are the most effective way to increase your immunity level. Yoga is the tested immunity booster technique that lowers down your stress level by improving your digestive system and removing all the toxins from the body. It improves your overall health when you perform it regularly. Yoga is one of the spiritual and ancient ways of improving a person’s growth physically and mentally. Here in the below section, you will learn about the six yoga postures for Corona Virus which help you to fight with amid coronavirus. You can perform the below yoga postures for corona virus by visiting yoga classesor by watching online videos.

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The list of 6 yoga aasans to fight with coronavirus:

  1. Pranayama: This is the most basic yoga postures which anyone can do at their home easily. It is simple but the most effective asanas, which makes you relax. Here you have to breathe deeply to reduce your stress and calm down your heart rate. It is helpful to support strong immunity. To perform these asanas, all you have to do is sit in a comfortable position by crossing your legs with each other or by knee down. After sitting comfortably, you have to take a deep breath by inhaling and then exhale slowly. You can do this exercise for 5 to 10 minutes every day. You can do this two times a day for better results.
  2. Matsyasana: This is the second most used aasan to increase the immunity level. It is helpful to boost up your energy levels. It is helpful for detoxifying your body and relieves congestion. You have to stay in this position for 2 to 3 minutes. This aasan is helpful to increase the blood flow, improves the strength of your body. It is helpful in reducing anxiety and improves your flexibility. By doing this aasan regularly, you can achieve peace of mind. To perform this aasan, lay down with your elbows’ help and slide your body towards the back of your mat. 
  3. Supta Virasana: Supta Virasana is one of the best yoga postures, helping you improve your body’s elasticity. It provides you with the strong immunity by boosting up your metabolism. Most of the people used to perform this aasan so that they can prevent cold and headaches.
  4. Dhanurasana: Dhanurasana is helpful for weight loss and blood cleansing. It will help improve your kidney health and strengthen your spinal cord. This is the best way to cure asthma. Above all, this yoga pose reduces your back pain and helps you to boost up your immune system. To perform this aasan, you have to comfortably lie down on your stomach and bend your knees towards your butt. Hold the ankles by both of your hands during that time and then lift your chest by breathing in. Keep in this position for 2 minutes and then release it.
  5. Setu bandha Sarvangasana: This aasans helps improve your blood circulation. It improves your digestion and helps you to reduce your back pain and headache. Therefore, this is the best way to increase your metabolism and immune system. On the other hand, it relieves the symptoms of asthma and high blood pressure.
  6. Tadasana: It is also known as the mother of all asanas. It helps you to restore your immunity and regulates your digestive systems. The yoga pose helps you to calm down your breathing. It is helpful to relieve your anxiety and improves your blood circulation. Consequently, this pose helps you to releases white blood cells, which improve your body’s immunity.


By performing these yoga postures for coronavirus, you can fight with the novel coronavirus. In conclusion, you should include this in your daily routine to get rid of medications. In short, a person who performs yoga by visiting yoga classes every day has less chance of getting ill. However, by performing yoga at home, you can achieve great success.

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