This is the way you can move on to your past relationships!

This is the way you can move on to your past relationships!

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Letting go from a relationship is not easy as it sounds. It needs more strength because you can’t let someone with whom you have years of memories. Well, we know memories are not countable, so no matter whether you have years of relationship or a month. Breaking a relationship is painful but letting it go is the most powerful thing that you will ever do. You should learn how to move on the things and welcome those who are on the way for you. Staying in a negative relationship not only kills your happiness but also damages your soul.

Try to keep away yourself from the toxic people or people who hurt you and harmed you. You can’t force people to give the love and care you in return in the way you give to them. So, this article is for all those broken guys who still can’t over from third last relationships and suffering from depression. In this article, you will learn about how to move on from your past relationships and stay happy. 

Being in negative relationship patterns and deciding to make an ending is the best thing that you should do in your life. When you are going through a bad relationship, then you will experience denial, rationalization, anger, obsessive thoughts, and all. If you are already broken and want to recover from your stress, then here, check the amazing ways.

Why Losing a Relationship Hurts So Much?

The relationship is the basis of our lives. We all are in relationships once in our life. You have to survive every day and every moment. Losing someone will make you feel desperate, and it makes you lose control over your emotions. When you are, going through this phase then you are not only going through emotional pain but mental and physical pain also. When you lose a relationship, then you feel like you lost your hopes and everything that you have. But is it right? Well, definitely no. Losing hurts us because we are so emotional, and when we are attached to someone, then we share every shortest thing with them.

When you lost the person, then you can’t share your stuff; you can’t share your stories to your someone special. That feeling of emptiness and loneliness will actually hurt you. Losing a relationship doesn’t mean losing an identity. So, if you break up with your partner and feel void and emptiness, then this is the right time to follow tips that can give the real purpose that you want from your life. Broken up from your last relationship is not the end of your life. Always remember that you will meet with someone else one day who will care for you in the same way you want!

How to move on to your past relationships?

  • Accept the truth: This is the toughest decision that you have ever made in your relationships. To let go of your past relationships, you need to accept that your relationship is in the ending position. When you don’t accept the things and the present scenario that are going on in your life, When you are not accepting the truth, then you are not able to process the grief and loss. So, accepting the truth is the first basis to letting go of your past relationship. Do meditation that makes you feel calm. Get in touch with your hobbies and find solace in whatever you want to do. 
  • Take your time: Always take some time and think about what is right for your life. It’s your responsibility to mourn the relationships and release the sadness; let yourself accept the rejections, and don’t force yourself to be sad for the guy who never believed you. Try to understand yourself better and be strong. Don think like a sensitive person but think like a strong and brave person who doesn’t give a chance to anyone to play with her/him soul. If a possible visit to a physiologist and take their suggestion. They will help you to recover from the pain that you received from your past relationship. Healing will become easier when you want to help yourself first.
  • Don’t make plans of revenge: Are you distressed but still you want to plan some revenge for your Ex? If yes, then don’t do this! When you broke up from a relationship, then you felt hurt, confused and may go through many more emotions. At that time, some people may encourage you to do plan for some revenge which is absolutely baseless. Trying to hurt another just to calm yourself down is not a good thing.

This is an immature decision and dangerous also where you wouldn’t get anything more than a waste of time. When you are busy planning the revenge, then you can’t move on from your life because you are still stuck in that situation and in his/her memories that force you to take revenge. Along with that, don’t check their posts & stories regularly and take an interest in their life. Caring is another thing but trying to get power to run someone other’s life is bad. Don’t make false hopes that will not be going to fulfill.

  • Don’t try to be” just friends”: If the ending of your relationship is not mutual, then don’t try to be just friends. No one can’t turn their emotions so fast. Remind yourself that you can’t change someone else thinking and mind. Suddenly changing or resetting the relationship to a casual friendship is not a great decision to lower down your pain. So, control your feeling and accept reality and move on.

Don’t feel guilty that you didn’t give so much to your relationship that you can. The relationship can’t go for a long time when only one person gives effort to it. So, try to break all the contact from that person. If you want to make friendship with him/her, then take your own time, settle down your heart and soul, calm up your mind and then start a new phase.

  • Don’t be intimate: Don’t have an intimate relationship with your ex. When someone breaks their relationship, then you shouldn’t agree to continue the intimacy that you have done before. This not only keeps you stuck with the past relationship but also you can’t move on. In this case, some partners have false hopes that maybe someday all the things will be getting better, and they continuously make physical relationships with their partner. To come back to normal life by letting go of your relationships, you can show that how strong you are. Breaking up from a relationship is heartbreaking, but building false hopes by entertaining someone is something that can kill your soul thousands of times, and that pain is unbearable. By continuing the intimacy with your ex, you also can’t love someone again in your life. 
  • Fall in love with your life: Reconnect yourself with your friends, family ad relatives once again. When you surrounded yourself with a lovable person, then there is a faster chance that you can move on from your past. They are the only option who can change your opinion towards your life. Refocus your energy and do something weird and nostalgic that you have done before in your childhood.

Do something that makes you happy and joyful. You already gave so much to yourself by neglecting yourself. So, enjoy the freedom and do something that you wanted to do before when you are in a hectic relationship. It’s okay to cry for a broken relationship, but yes, it’s not okay to be self isolate yourself in the memories of someone who didn’t give you any reason to smile. Plan for a road trip with your friends and write down the things that you are going through. In this way, you can recover from your past.

  • Learn from your past relationship: After that, you should learn from past relationships. Now you can clearly think about that stuff that didn’t work in your relationships and cause the breakup. Learn from that and don’t make the same mistake in your upcoming future. The ending can be more amazing than the beginnings if you want to make it!
  • Don’t rush into another relationship: Some people try to be in another relationship to forget their ex, which is really bad. In this way, you can spoil someone’s other life to move on yourself. When you broke up, then you feel lost, loneliness and in huge pain. To get over this situation, people mostly choose someone else and propose to them. It is really unfair that you use someone else to get over your ex. Try to be an honest person, and there is no need to push yourself to be a part of someone’s other life. Take your time, get over your sadness, and then choose something else.
  • Remove their photographs: When you get over your relationship, then you should delete and remove all your past pictures, messages, mails, letters, and anything that reminds you of the old days. Sometimes you may want to keep your photographs with them, but it can make your future relationships toxic. If you want to get over the toxicity, then delete all your memories with him/her. 
  • Remember you will find someone else: Some people come into your lives and live for a period and then let you alone by teaching you a lesson. There is no such thing as one love in the world, and you will find someone else better than your past relationships. Life is a roller coaster, and it can drive you anywhere and at anytime. People come and go in your life, but there are some who will be with you on your happiest and saddest days. You don’t need to beg love from someone. Do care for someone who cares for you and loves you. 
  • Create a positive mantra: To move on from your past relationships, first, you should create a positive mantra in your life. Do practice yoga and meditation that not just only heal you from the outer but also gives you calmness from the inner soul. Having a mantra that motivates you to do something better is great. Learn to control your emotional thoughts and be sure that you are enough to handle all the situations.
  • Be gentle with yourself: If you want to let go of your past relationship, then you should be gentle to yourself. Don’t make comparisons and show your kindness and compassion. Everyone has a different journey in their life. To be mentally strong, you should allow all the negative emotions to flow in the air. You are not alone in this world who are going through a broken relationship. So, be patients and look forward to being in a relationship that you don’t want, but yes, you deserve.
  • Give yourself permission: When you are dealing with a painful feeling, then it’s important to talk about it. You can minimize your pain by sharing it with your families and friends. Allow yourself to talk about it. Give yourself permission to forgive and seek the professional help you need.


If you are also going through this situation, then be patient and welcome a new life that is waiting for you. Move on from your pasts and achieve something bigger and brand that you deserve in your life and for which you are born! Kick out all the negative energies and thoughts and enjoy the freedom.