What are the Acne treatments that you can take?

What are the Acne treatments that you can take?

Acne Treatment

When it comes to finding the right acne treatment, then there are millions of products available in the market that you can use to get rid of this. But not everyone owns the same skin type. Different people have different skin types and skin tones that you have to understand before applying any skin product. Some people didn’t even know about cosmetic products and used them for a longer time period.

As a result, they have gone through multiple skin issues. All products are not manufactured in the same way. Different skin product has different skin chemicals that go well for different skin type. Multiple skin treatment products help you to remove acne with acne treatments. If you want to know all about them, then let’s continue this article till the end!

Why should you read this article?

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Nowadays, most people are suffering from acne because of bad food habits, irregular skin care treatments, and many more. Women are more conscious about this, and that’s why they are searching here and there to collect information regarding skincare products. There are multiple overwhelming options for removing acne with acne treatments that you can apply to get rid of acne. Hereby reading this article, you can truly get the best acne treatment for you.

Having acne on a face is the most irritating and frustrating thing. If you are still dealing with acne, you should continue this article to clear your skin. Most acne affects people in their 20s and 30s. Whether you have acne, blackheads, and whiteheads, you can get enough successful results from this. When your acne pops up, then it will be aggravating. The article is written by going through multiple research. The below discussed ways of removing acne are determined by the dermatologist. So, to get trusted and proven results of acne, you have to keep reading this article on removing acne with acne treatments till the end!

What causes acne?

Acne or pimples are something that occurs on your face when the oil and dead skin cells on your skin combine to form a plug that blocks the pores. Every skin has dead cells that you have to remove to get clear skin. If you are a guy who experiences a lot of sebum, then you should be more conscious about this. In some cases, the bacteria also get trapped in the pores and create multiple skin disorders.

There are multiple causes of this skin issue, but if you want satisfied and proven results, then you can use the below cosmetic products that contain chemicals and help to remove acne with acne treatments. All the treatments described below are beneficial to exfoliate dead skin cells. By using these, you can remove excess oil and stop inflammation on your skin. By using this, you can prevent multiple acne issues. 

Things that you can apply to your skin for reducing Acne

What are the typical acne treatments that you can use?

There are many dermatologists who give suggestions to their patients in an easy and convenient way. Well, every patient responds to different treatments in a different way. Acen is one of the most life-threatening skin diseases that need treatment in the initial days. Finding the right treatment for acne is the most difficult thing. Taking care of your skin is an essential thing, especially in summers. If you are facing any skincare disease, then you should visit a dermatologist. 

When you visit a dermatologist, then he will examine the severity of your acne. They will give you the treatment, including topical or oral acne treatment. 

Topical acne treatment:

This is the most common type of acne treatment that is people use. This medication helps you to kill acne-causing bacteria and also decreases the excessive oil from your skin. The basic ingredients of topical acne treatments include benzoyl peroxide, retinoids, antibiotics, or salicylic acid.

Oral acne treatment:

The doctors suggest these medications when you have read swollen pimples. You can take this medication in different forms, such as antibiotics, birth control pills, and isotretinoin.

The chemicals that you should consider while purchasing products to get rid of acne!

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1.Salicylic acid:

Salicylic acid is one of the important chemicals that should be present in your lotions if you are applying this for acne relief. You can find acne relief gels and lotions from any drug store. Otherwise, you can apply those products that contain some amount of salicylic acid. The dermatologist also suggests the products for removing acne with acne treatments labeled “acne wash” or “spot treatment.” Salicylic acid is one form of beta hydroxy acid that dissolves with excess oil and gently exfoliates dead skin cells.

Salicylic acid has inflammatory properties that help cystic breakouts. The breakouts will occur due to the blockage in hair follicles. You will get satisfactory positive results when you use toner, a moisturizer that has salicylic acid. It helps to remove all your spots. But it can make your face dry, so while choosing this be conscious.

2.Glycolic acid:

Glycol acid is one type of alpha hydroxyl acid that exfoliates your skin and helps to get rid of dead skin cells. Similar to the salicylic acid, you can also add this with the toner, moisturizer, and face wash to feel the effective changes. Along with that, you can also use this in the peel of masks and serums that will easily be available in any beauty store. 

3.Benzoyl peroxide:

This is another antibacterial ingredient that effectively kills all the acne bacteria that cause breakouts. But benzoyl may leave your skin dry ad dull, so according to the certified dermatologist, you should use products that have no more than 2% benzoyl peroxide. While purchasing toner, lotion you should check the list of active ingredients charts. Products that have a higher amount of this solution are harder on your skin. 

4.Lactic Acid:

This is similar to the glycolic acid that contains AHA that means it works as a chemical exfoliant on the skin. Well, this one is smooth and gentle to your skin than glycolic acid. This is an amazing option for people who have sensitive skin and looking for an exfoliating acid. Lactic acid is also known as a humectant, which hydrates your skin. So for those who have dry or sensitive skin should use and exfoliate their skin with lactic acid.

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Most antiaging skin products contain Retinol. Retinol or retinoid has the power to control your age. It clears all your acne and dark spots. Due to the retinoids, the cells of your skin turn over at a faster rate. Dermatologist suggests this to use for decreasing the oil production rate. Along with that, it also exfoliates your skin. Another great reason for using this is it has anti-inflammatory qualities, and acne is caused due to inflammation. This is also helpful for preventing the initial stage of the follicle.

It also gives you relief from hyperpigmentation. But at the same time, if you have sensitive skin, then you may experience irritation. Along with that, people who are suffering from skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, or rosacea should consult with a dermatologist before applying this. It takes time to make the changes on your skin. 


If you have sensitive skin, then you should use skin products that contain Retinol. Retinal is a natural compound that occurs that the body converts to retinoic acid. For better knowledge, you can ask the dermatologist.


It has the brand name Differin which is a synthetic retinoid that is available in the market only via a prescription. But now, it is available anywhere that makes this product great, strong acne medication. It has synthetic properties, and that’s why it is gentle as compared to other acne medications. 

How can you achieve acne-free skin?


Sulfur is a great source or compound that balances the skin by soaking all the oil. It is mixed with the other active ingredients. You can also find this compound in facial masks and spot treatments. When you mix this with other active ingredients, then it works well. It smells like a rotten egg and can effectively dry out the pimples and whiteheads on your face. 


This is one type of compound that is extracted by plants. You can use this as an alternative to retinoid. This compound is specially included in the products to balance the skin texture and fine lines. It doesn’t contain any side effects. You can mix it up with the lower concentration of Retinol to remove all the acne from your face. It helps to boost the antiaging effects and acne-fighting without increasing the risk for side effects.

10. Dapsone gel:

This is another compound that is mostly suggested by dermatologists. It comes in the market by the brand name Aczone. It contains both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. This is a trusted and proven method to remove all the blackheads and whiteheads from your skin. It also gives you relief from the deeper painful pimples. This is also helpful in dealing with other acne treatments. By using this gel, you can make your skin bright and shiny.

 11. A cortisone shot:

This is an instant acne treatment and is also good for large cystic acne bumps. You can visit the dermatologist to learn more about this. By applying this, you can get dramatic results. It will lessen the spots on your face. Your pimple will magically disappear within 24 to 48 hours after applying this. The treatment is also helpful for curbing inflammation. It helps for cystic breakouts and can help to treat people suffering from different skin disorders. This is a rare emergency treatment that doesn’t need a long-lasting treatment. 

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12.Birth control pills:

Sometimes the acne has a link to our hormones, and it occurs due to hormonal disbalance. So, if you have issues with your hormones, then it could be a great treatment for you. The Androgens are also known as testosterone that remove extra oil that is produced by your skin ad known as sebum. The birth control pills contain the hormones estrogen and progestin, which keep your hormones balanced and skin clear. 


This compound or medication also comes to the market by the name of Tazorac. This is a powerful prescription that has synthetic properties. Because of this, it causes side effects like dryness and irritation. You should follow the instruction of a dermatologist before applying this. 

14.Azelaic acid:

This is another acid that works on your skin effectively. It clears up your acne and removes inflammation. It is most beneficial for sensitive skin or pregnant patients. The ingredient is usually treated for acne, melisma, rosacea. 


Some dermatologist also suggests using antibiotics that help to remove acne from your skin. Your acne will remove magically and is also great for removing yeast infections, nausea. 


No matter what is your age, acne can occur on your face anytime and anywhere. So, if you want to get away from this, then you should follow the ways to remove acne with acne treatments. You should use the products that contain the above-discussed compounds. For better results, visit a dermatologist who can determine the best medication for you.

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