Resume your physical activities after covid- Post-Covid-19 exercise

Resume your physical activities after covid- Post-Covid-19 exercise


Covid19 is the most infectious disease that is spreading all over the world. It is taking a lot of lives, but a lot of people are there who are recovering from this and looking for post covid exercise routine. This infection is spreading throughout the world with droplets of saliva. It is discharged from the nose when a covid infected people sneeze. According to the doctor’s report, the infection enters the body via mouth, nose, and eyes. At the same time, some recent studies show that the virus may be airborne.

Well, no matter what, you should take all necessary precautions. People who already recovered from this should take extra precautions because they might have some droplets. There are many questions that arise from the post covid people. The most asked question by these people is whether a person recovering from covid could start a workout or not. Here in this article, we are going to share the post covid exercise routine plan. If you also want to stay fit and healthy, then you should follow this exercise routine. 

How can a post covid patient regain his/her strength?

The coronavirus damages the lungs and other organs in your body, and that’s why a person suffering from corona takes some time to recover. As a result, it makes a body weak and damaged. So, it is necessary to regain your strength after covid to survive in a healthy way by following a post covid exercise routine. To get back to your former state, you need to talk with a therapist. You should regain your energy levels and metabolism of your body. To achieve this, you have to perform the below discussed things,

  1. Take support from your family and friends to recover from this.

2. Take small steps every day to regain your strength gradually.

3. Reorganize your schedules gradually and perform your daily activities when you feel energetic.

4. Don’t plan multiple activities in a single day; it may cause fatigue and illness. So, do small activities and sustain your energy levels.

5. Keep prioritizing your activities and perform things that are really necessary.

6. Take a protein-rich diet and take five different vegetables and fruits in a week.

7. Take rests after performing continuous activities and breathe properly during your activities.

8. Perform breathing exercises regularly but don’t perform activities that can cause physical exertion.

9. If necessary, then always keep in touch with the doctors and consult with them.

10. If you are diabetic, have high blood pressure or are a heart patient, then take extra precautions.

Why resuming physical activity is necessary after Covid?

The post covid19 makes a patient feel fatigued even after recovering from the virus. It makes you weak, and that’s why you may face difficulties in resuming your physical activities all of a sudden. So, in the initial phase of post covid exercise routine, you will be able to do easy exercise to build up your stamina, and gradually, you can move up to the tough activities. Start low-intensity physical activities and then move towards the intense ones.

If you are an athlete, then you should wait for at least ten days before resuming your activities after covid. Resuming physical activities is necessary because it improves your fitness, reduces breathlessness, and improves muscle strength. Other than this, it improves your mental power and mood by reducing your stress. Physical activities help you to get back the confidence that you lost and help to improve your energy.

So, if you want to get back to your old days by improving your balance, then you should perform post covid exercise routine and regain your energy. But during the activities, you should consider a few do’s and don’t that we are discussing in the below section:

Things that you should do while performing physical activities:

  1. While doing exercise, always warm-up exercising and after exercising to cool down.
  2. Always wear loose and comfy clothing with gym shoes that fit your feet.
  3. Drink plenty of water and juice to hydrate yourself.
  4. Don’t do exercise when it is too hot.
  5. In cold weather, do exercise indoors
  6. Break for at least an hour before doing exercise after a meal.
Yoga At the time of covid pandemic!

Things that you should don’t while performing physical activities:

If you feel some symptoms while doing physical activities, then you should stop exercising immediately and drink some water. In any severe case, contact the doctor and get a consultation. Here we list some of the basic symptoms that you might feel:

  1. Nausea or feeling sick.
  2. Headaches & dizziness.
  3. Difficulties in breathing.
  4. A lot of sweating.
  5. Chest tightness or having pain in the chest.
  6. Increased joint pain.

Physical activities that you can do at your home:

Go for a walk:

If you were recovered from the covid a few days ago, then you should go for a walk. You can go for a 10 to 15-minute walk in the initial stage. Walk a little faster after each passing day. You can also do some stretches at the beginning of your recovery.

Leg & toe lifts:

To make active your lower body, you should stand on your toe 15 times at least. Try to practice standing on one foot. Otherwise, you can also pull your knees up to the chest by holding the countertop. Repeat this cycle for each leg 15 times a day at least.

Do joggings:

If you love jogging, then you can start this after recovering from covid. Start walking every day for almost 5 minutes and then jog for a minute. You can also do this altogether by taking intervals. In this way, your body can achieve the balance that it needs.


Yoga is the solution for every health problem that you have. It can make positive changes in your spiritual, mental, and physical health. Yoga encourages mindfulness. Make sure the strength and weaknesses in your body and choose yoga according to that. You can start doing yoga by watching youtube or applications.

What other exercises can you do after recovering from the covid?

1.Breathing exercise:

 If you are recovering from covid or whether you are in the normal phase, you should perform breathing exercises. There is a certain position to perform this, and those are:

2.High side-lying: 

For this position, you have to lie down on your side by pillows for supporting your head and neck and bent your knees slightly, and do breathing

3.Standing with back support:

 For this position, you have to lean with your back against the wall and keep your hands aside. 

4.Forward lean sitting: 

For this, you have to sit and then lean forward from the waist and make your arms resting on the floor. You can also perform this at your office by sitting on your chair if you feel stressed. It will make you calm.

When you relax and take deep breathing, then it helps to increase your blood around the body and gives you energy. It makes you calmer and a clear mind. It helps for positive thinking and decision-making skills. You can make some alternate techniques like meditation and pranayama. 


By doing pranayama, you can regulate your blood circulation and keep away from many diseases. For this, you have to close the right nostril with your thumb and then Breath in the left nostril. The same thing you have to do in the next step by in an alternative way. This is the process of inhaling and exhaling that you can do by watching videos. Anyone can do this exercise, starting from a kid to an adult one. It has many benefits, and that’s why it is suggested by yoga gurus and doctors!

6.Chest exercise: 

Covid affects your lungs, and that’s why after recovering from covid, you should check whether it works well or not. For this, you have to put a mouthpiece in your mouth and then close your lips tightly. Now inhale slowly through the mouthpiece and check the indicator. When you can’t inhale for a long time, remove the mouthpiece and hold your breath for few seconds and exhale normally. Repeat this step for few more times and check whether your lung functions properly.

7.The balloon exercise:

This is the simplest exercise that you can do every day by blowing up a certain number of balloons every day. When you blow the balloons, then it helps to improve your intercostal muscles. It allows your lungs to take enough amount of oxygen during inhalation. When you supply more and more oxygen to your body, then you can stay last longer without becoming breathless.

8.Warm-up exercise: 

Warming up is also necessary to prevent any journey. You should warm-up for at least 15 minutes at the end or start of your day. For this, you should slowly lift your shoulders up and then down. You can also do warm-up exercises, including shoulder circles, side bends, knee lifts, ankle taps, ankle circles, and many more. These are easy and don’t take much time and effort. 

9.Strengthening exercise: 

Strengthening exercises help to improve muscles and make them stronger. It will help you to keep away from illness. You should perform at least three sessions of strengthening exercise in a week. It doesn’t make you feel breathless like other exercises. You should perform the stretching exercise in a repetitive way. With a smaller number of repetitions in each set and then move up as the time passes. To perform a strengthening exercise, you can try to perform a Bicep curl, Wall push-off, Knee straightening, squats, and many more.

10.Stretch your muscles: 

Stretching your muscle is another way to reduce the soreness of your body. You should start performing this after 8 to 10 days of your recovery from covid. Perform stretching your body by sitting and standing. You should perform each stretch gently and keep it in this position for 15 to 20 seconds.

When you perform exercise after recovery from covid, then you can boost your mood, immunity, and blood circulation. By performing different kinds of exercise, you can recover from the virus and also improve your breathing condition. It encourages your joint and muscle organs to become work properly. It helps to lower down your blood pressure and increase the level of mood-enhancing compounds.

If you also want to improve the amount of oxygen to circulate through your bloodstream, then perform the exercise regularly. You can also take help from your doctors. 

How can you get back into daily life after coronavirus?

If you have a mild case of covid 19 and you don’t want to turn this into a severe case, then you should follow some precautions. It takes time to get back your regular exercise routine, but you should try for this. According to some doctors, people recovering from covid can feel weak and fatigued for 10 to 15 days.

If you feel any of the symptoms like irregular heartbeat, chest pain, or severe shortness of breathing issues, then you should stop exercising immediately. But if you feel good, then you can start with low-intensity activity, like walking, and slow joggings and all. It takes time to resolve and get back to normal life, but till then, you should take precautions to improve your body.


Recovering from covid19 and getting back to normal life are two different things. So, if you are also suffering from covid and looking to get back to normal days, then you should follow the above-discussed exercise.

For more information, you can talk with a doctor and get a consultation for your diet and ways of maintaining a healthy life. If you have any kind of more information like this, then share in the comment box and help people who are recovering from covid. 

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