Are you struggling with dark circle – Here check proven home remedies!

Are you struggling with dark circle – Here check proven home remedies!


Every human being is imperfect, and no one is perfect in this world. Everyone wants to improve themselves and want to look perfect. We all want to look beautiful and a better shape. Treating your skin is an intimidating task, and that’s why today, we are here to help you in different ways. Different people have different issues with their skin. Some guys are searching for ways to remove facial hair, while some are looking for home remedies to look beautiful. But the most common and most searched term in Google on how to remove dark circles.

Almost every one of us has a dark circle under our eyes that looks very irritating and makes our face ugly. So, today in this article you are going to learn about how to remove dark circles and why it occurs. So, let’s start discussing this.

Do you have dark circles?

Having dark circles or under-eye blackness is common nowadays. It causes for different reasons among different people. The late-night chattings, overdrink, and exposure to the sun increases the chances of dark circles. In this busy schedule, we all are busy in our lives and work under pressure which affects our skin as well as health conditions. Many women and men are suffering from under-eye bags, so if you also have, then read the article.

Your skin reflects what you eat, your habits, and how to maintain your lifestyle. As we grow older, our skin naturally loses collagen, and it looks thinner. At a certain age, the veins will become visible through the thin skin around your eyes. Exposure to the sun can break down the collagen of your skin. So, to remove the dark circles, you should apply the proper sunblock applications. Sometimes it may produce on your skin because of the genetic issue and sometimes for allergies also.

 No matter what the cause is, you can get rid of the dark circle by following the daily routines. You should be consistent and have the patience to get rid of these things. For this, you can use some home remedies or apply the eye creams for one month and then see the instant results. But before that, you should learn about the causes of the dark circle and who can affect this.

What Causes Dark Circles Under Your Eyes?                      

As we grow older, day by day, our skin loses collagen and fat under the eye area. As a result, the skin condition will be thinner. There are different reasons for a dark circle, like Nasal congestion or allergies. It is also caused due to lower blood circulation. Because of the lower blood circulation, the under-eye area of your skin becomes darker, and the veins are visible, which looks really odd and ugly. It also depends upon the physical environment.

Nowadays every one of us is working on the laptops, desktop that affects our eyes somewhere. So, screen time also affects your eyes and cause eye strain. Therefore it is suggested to don’t overuse laptops and mobile phones. You should relax your eye for some time. Exposure to the sun, unfulfilled sleep, piling stress are the most common issues that affect the skin of your under-eye area. Doctors also suggest that iron deficiency, smoking, overdrinking, and a bad lifestyle also exacerbate the dark circles. Along with this, here we define some more causes of dark circles, and those are:


The most common cause of dark circles is fatigue, oversleeping, and getting awake for a long period also affects your skin. The under area of your eye defines the routine and lifestyle of a person. So, to get rid of this, you have to balance your sleep time. A bad lifestyle affects your skin and becomes dull and pale. So, the fatigue or lack of blood circulation allows dark tissues and blood vessels beneath your skin. It makes your eyes puffy and looks uncomfortable.


Aging is another cause of dark circles beneath your eyes. As you get older, the skin becomes thinner. Your skin losses the fat and collagen that it needs. So, it is necessary to maintain the elasticity of your skin no matter what your age is. The blood vessels beneath your skin become more visible that darken the area of your skin.

3.Eye strain: 

This is the most common cause, and most of us are suffering from this. Now everyone is working on their laptop or desktop for long periods. Now people use mobile phones for a long time so Staring at your television or computer screen can cause significant eye strain. In this case, the blood vessel around your eyes are enlarged and makes the area darker, and makes you ugly. 


Some people have allergies that cause eye strain. The allergic reaction and dryness in your eyes also trigger under-eye skin. It makes the area darker and darker, for which you have to apply eye creams. When you have an allergic reaction, your body releases histamines. Histamine is considered a harmful bacteria that cause symptoms like itchiness, redness, and puffy eyes. The bacteria make your blood vessels dilate and become more visible on your skin.


Dehydration is another cause of dark circles, and therefore doctors suggest drinking plenty of water in a day. When your body is not receiving the proper amount of water, the skin looks dull and darker. So, drinking water can make you shine and bright all day long. 

6.Sun overexposure: 

The over-exposure to the sun also affects your skin, and that’s why it is suggested to use the best under-eye creams and sunscreen before going outside to your home. The overexposure of skin can produce an excess amount of melanin pigments that change the color of the skin. It can cause pigmentation ad to darken the surrounding areas of your skin. 


The genetics problems also cause dark circles that are seen earlier from your childhood. It can worsen as you grow older or maybe disappear. It totally depends upon your lifestyle and habits. For this, you can take medicines in severe conditions.

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Who is more affected by the Dark circles under the eyes?

The dark circles commonly affect men and women both. Dark circles can make your look ugly and makes you older. The dark circles affect people who are elder, dark skin tones, and people who have a genetic predisposition. There are many medical and non-medical treatments that you should use to get rid of this. Here in the below section, we describe both medical and non-medical ways to eliminate dark circles. 

Medical treatments that you can try to get rid of dark circles:

There are many medical treatments that you can try to get rid of dark circles. These are effective and permanent ways to remove dark circles. Some of the proven methods are chemical peels that help to reduce pigmentation. Another proven method is laser surgery that resurfaces your skin and enhances skin tightening. You can also search for the medical tattoos that they will inject on you for reducing pigmentation. It tightens your skin and makes them brighter.

You can also go for the tissue fillers that will conceal your blood vessels and reduce the melanin amount from your skin. It will balance the color of your skin and make you feel comfortable in the public space. Some people also take fat removal treatment to remove excess fat from their skin that makes the surface of your skin smooth. Other than this, surgical implants could be another great choice for you. No matter which kind of skincare product you use, you should talk with your doctors first.

Before taking any of the above cosmetic treatments for how to remove dark circles, you should visit a dermatologist and consult with them. Some of the medical treatments can be expensive and take time to recover. Professional laser treatment is the most expensive treatment that you can try if you have a good range of budget.

In this method, the doctor uses a laser to reduce the discoloration from the under-eye area. It minimizes the visible blood vessels to reduce the dark appearance of your skin. The real fact is the skin around our eyes is thin and sensitive as compared to the other part of our body, and therefore it needs more attention. By using the right treatment, you can get rid of this instantly!

What are the proven homemade ways to reduce dark circle:

1.Get extra sleep: 

The most natural way to get rid of the dark circle is taking extra sleep. It reduces and minimizes the appearance of your dark circle. It can keep your skin away from looking pale. Therefore it is always suggested to take seven to eight hours of sleep o to reduce dark circles.

2.Apply a cold compress:

By using the cold compress, you can reduce swelling and shrink dilated blood vessels. If you are suffering from puffy eyes, then you should use this method to eliminate dark skin. For this, you have to wrap few ice cubes in a clean cloth and then apply this to your eyes and surrounding areas. Apply this for 20 minutes and repeat this process on a regular basis to get fast results.

3.Soak with teabags:

You can also get relax by applying tea bags under the eye area. It improves your skin appearance because it has caffeine and other antioxidants that help to stimulate your blood circulation. Along with this, it shrinks your blood vessels and also reduces liquid retention. For this, you have to soak tea bags in hot water for 5 minutes and then let them cold, or you can refrigerate them for 15 to 20 minutes. Once the tea bags are cold, you can apply those on your under-eye area for 15 minutes. After that, you can rinse your face with normal water.


Cucumbers have skin-lightening and astringent properties that make your under-eye area lighter. This is the most used method in spas. For this, chop the thick slices of cucumber in a circular shape and then refrigerate them for half an hour. After that, put this on your eye for 10 minutes and then rinse with water.

5.Cucumber Juice + Lemon Juice: 

If cucumber doesn’t work for you, then try this! Mix the few drops of cucumber and lemon in the same amount, and then use a cotton ball to apply this under your eye area. Leave it a few times and then rinse with water.

 6.Rose Water: 

This is an ideal and most amazing way to get rid of a dark circle. It helps to get relief and smoothen your skin. It makes your skin breathe. Along with this, rose water has different properties that rejuvenate your skin. It works as a mild astringent that works as a skin toner. To apply this, you just need a cotton ball and soak them in rose water and then apply it in the affected areas. Keep this for 15 minutes, and then wash it. You can do this regularly for almost 15 minutes. 


Tomatoes contain lycopene, which is good for cardiovascular health, vision, and your skin. It makes your skin smoother and softer. It decreases the appearance of dark under-eye circles. To gain a faster result, you can use this with lemon juice. Apply this on a regular basis and then see the changes. 


Potatoes also contain vitamin C, which promotes healthier, younger-looking skin. To apply this, you have to extract the juice of the potato and then soak a cotton ball into it and apply it to the affected areas. Keep this for 10 to 15 minutes, and then wash your face.


According to most people, dark circles are normal, but there are people who feel worried about this, and that’s why they are searching for the ways like how to remove dark circles. If you are also suffering from dark circles, then you can try the above-discussed proven ways and share your experience in the comments. 

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