Healthy summer skincare treatment for Women in 2021

Healthy summer skincare treatment for Women in 2021

Summer Skin Care

The summer heat is blazing on us right now and gives a sun-kissed glow right now! Well, Summer also brings a tanned face, pale skin, dehydration, and many more. The harsh rays of the sun can damage your skin for a long time. Today we are going to talk about those facial damages and steps to recover from them. Taking a moderate dose of vitamin D is beneficial for our body, but an extensive heat of the sun could cause some damages. So, to maintain your glowy skin, you should contact a dermatologist and maintain the regimen of your skin. But before that, check some factors that you can do at your home in the morning or night and make the best possible changes!

The combination of Summer & our skin: 

Summer is the season of holidays, outings, cold drinks, and ice creams. But at the same time, it also brings a couple of dust, sweat, pollution, and blazing rays. To keep your skin healthy and shiny in summers, you have to take certain care of them. In this article, we are listing out some tips for skin during Summer. By reading facial damages and steps to recover to your skincare routine, you can prevent drying up, breaking out, or tanning too much.

But to get an effective skincare routine, you should first determine your skin type. The type of your skin depends upon the effectiveness of the product that you use. Here we bring some daily mantras of getting healthy skin, facial damages, and steps to recover that are easy and comfortable for you. As the weather starts, you will see the horrifying changes in your skin. The blazing sun gives us vitamin D; naturally, that makes our bones strong and healthy, but it also comes up with something bad and harsh! So, the combination of sun and your skin has something bad.

Things that you can apply to your skin for reducing Acne

The ultraviolet rays of the sun make human skin dull, and we all know that. As you have known, with a darker skin tone, people have a huge amount of melanin on their skin. Well, it’s present in every skin type, but the amount may vary according to skin type. 

Melanin is present on the upper layer of the skin, which protects your skin from the heat. So, When we receive a lot of heat, then the melanin tissues wear out. As a result, your skin will lose elasticity, tanned and darker, and you may experience premature aging! So, if you want to take care of your skin and facial damages and steps to recover, then check out the below morning and night skincare routine for every skin type.

8 Best Tips for Your Morning Summer Skin Routine:

  1. Every morning, you should give your skin personal attention. Every skin type craves water, and it needs to be hydrated. No matter which types of skin you have, it needs water and freshness. You should sleep for 7-8 hours at night. The Next morning, you should wash off your face to remove all the mild impurities and oil that gathered overnight. Use a cleanser to wash out your face!
  1. In summers, you should start your day with one cup of hot water. You can also put few drops of lemon in it. Lemon has antibacterial and detoxifying agents that help to eliminate all the harmful toxins from your body. It eliminates all the bad stuff from your body through sweat and urine. So, drink a glass of lemon water at first and then go for it.
  1. Use toner at the same time because this is incredibly good for your skin. Toners are the most important thing in the summers. It has an amazing fragrance and also has the power to fill all the face cells. It makes your skin fresh and moisturized. If your skin feels greasy in the summers, then you should apply this on your skin and let them dry for some time.
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  1. In summers, you can also use the serum on your face. In summers, your skin will really enjoy this. Your skin strives for vitamin C in summers. So, you should use skin products that have a huge amount of vitamin C. You should give your skin something that it needs and wants. 
  1. Use the serums that have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Use the best serum on your face and see the magical changes! To apply this on your face, take few drops and apply them on your entire face and neck. Keep it on your face sometimes and let them absorb. You can also use eye cream or eye gel to get rid of puffed, red eyes. 
  1. If you have dry flakes, then you can use a lotion that contains hyaluronic acid. This compound is beneficial for your skin that makes your skin awake. This also contains multiple active ingredients that are vital for skincare!
  1. In summers, you should use moisturizers, cream, or gel. Choose the moisturizers in Summer that contains less oil. Choose a moisturizer that has lighter on the skin. If you have oily skin, then you can skip the moisturizer. Make sure that you have use sunscreen before stepping out of the home. Choose the SPF-protected sunscreen that also works as a moisturizer!
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8 Best tips for your night summer skin routine:

  1. In summers, when you back to your home after a heavy, tiring day, then you need some refreshing gel to apply on your skin that can make your skin refresh and cool. Choose the night skincare product that can give you the relax from the heat and sweat. 
  1. At Summer you should use fewer facial or cosmetic products but make sure that it has good quality. The summer dryness of your skin is not good for you, and that’s why you should use appropriate products with proper methods. Use only the natural skincare ways that can give you relaxation.
  1. When you visit your home after a heady day in Summer, then the first thing that you should do is remove all your makeup. Choose a good quality makeup remover that suits your skin type. Before using do a patch test. To clean your makeup, you should use cotton and clean clothes. Choose the thin cloths that remove all the makeup effectively.
  1. Use natural products like coconut oils that can excellently remove the makeup from your skin. While cleaning your face, make sure that the product should not contain extra oil. If you have oily and dry skin, then you should be more conscious. 
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  1. If you are going to exfoliate your skin, then you should use a mild scrubber at least twice a week. Your skin pores will exfoliate when it soaks the natural compounds. Massage your face with your fingers, and then wash it properly with cold water. Now pat it with a towel.
  1. If you are suffering from acne, then you should use the acne cream after washing off your skin. The dermatologist always suggests night creams that give your skin refreshing and relief from the skin. Your skin repairs itself at night, and that’s why it is necessary to use the products that give you a cool experience.
  1. At night you should use a moisturizer before going to your bed. You should choose a moisturizer that can go well with your skin type. You can also use face oil or face cream that can fight acne and give your skin the healthy nutrients that it needs.
  1. At last, you can also use the eye cream that can give complete relief to your eye from the Summer.


Stay Healthy in summer with six easy tips

Best DIY Face Masks for every Summer Skin: 

Are you frustrated by visiting a spa and salon to take extra care of your skin? If yes, then you should do some DIY face mask at your home. Here we provide a few of the examples that you can try:

 1. Vinegar facial masks:

You may actually have heard about the vinegar that has the magical advantage. These are great facial products. If you have oily skin, then you need something that goes deep into your skin. It also works as a toner and also tightly closed your pores effectively and can fight with your skin. To make this mask, you need 1/4th cup of vinegar and an equal amount of water. Apply it on your face and wait till it dry and then wash your face.

 2. Lemon facial masks:

Lemons are also good for your skin because it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can excellently clean your skin and also give you fresh and fragrant skin. The Lemon facial mask is acidic in nature, so you can mix this with 1/4th cup sweet almond oil. It can cleanse and moisturizer your skin effectively!

 3. Egg mask:

It also works as a great moisturizer and also helps to tighten your skin effectively. By applying this mask, you can clean all the impurities from your skin and extra oil. It cleans all your skin and leaves them with smooth, glowing skin. For this, you need an egg and lemon to mix with this. Apply the mixture on your face ad leave them for 20 minutes, and then wash it off with cold water. 

Home remedies to make your skin glow this summer!

4. Gram flour (besan) facial mask:

Gram Flour or Besan is a traditional face mask that has anti-microbial properties. It helps you to prevent pimples, spots, acne, and all basic skin problems. It exfoliates your skin when you mix it with honey. Apply this on your skin, and then wait for 20 minutes. Wash it off after it dries.

5. Watermelon facial mask:

Watermelon gives you a refreshing and soothing experience in the Summer. You should eat watermelon in the summers and also apply it to your skin. This is a cooling fruit that contains a huge amount of water. It also works as a toner and helps to remove blemishes and marks. It will hydrate your skin, but for that, you have to take two tablespoons of watermelon juice and cucumber juice and then mix with milk or yogurt. Apply this and wait for 15 minutes, then wash off with cold water.


Summer brings so many bad skin things to your face like blemishes, dryness, patches, spots, and many more. If you want prevention from these, then you should use the above-discussed facial damages and steps to recover By applying and taking care of your skin, you can get the healthy and glowing skin that everyone wants in their life. Hydrate your skin by drinking a high amount of water and eating healthy foods. Apply good products to your skin and make sure it goes with your skin type. If you notice any skin disorders, then visit the dermatologist soon!

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